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The Prescient Capital Alternative Fixed Income Fund

Now, you can be part of our 18-year track record of 10% plus returns.

We’ve been doing this a long time – 18 years to be exact. During that time, we have created 12 different investment funds - all for the same purpose (short-term bridge loans) and all with consistent returns (10% plus) for our investors.

We feel that our experience and proven success gives us – and our investors – strong confidence and a good degree of predictability with this new fund.

And we invite you to be part of it.

Diversify your portfolio with this proven investment opportunity

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An Alternative Investment Opportunity for Accredited Investors

This investment opportunity is NOT for everyone.

You are here because you responded to our recent direct mail letter that introduced you to our new fund - and invited you to learn more.

We sent you that letter because we understand you are an accredited investor and that you are open to alternative investments such as private equity real estate transactions.

As an accredited investor, you are eligible to participate in this investment. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why Prescient Capital

18 Years

in the short-term "bridge" loan business

A Proven Process

for finding the right borrowers at the right time

Secure Lending

backed by over-collateralized real estate

Why Short Term "bridge" loans make great investments

  • We learned this a long time ago … that real estate companies and other firms often find themselves with a “timing” problem when it comes to their financing.
  • They may have their permanent financing all lined up – but final approval and delivery may be many months away.
  • So, these firms need to find some way to finance their businesses until their permanent loans are approved.

Too often though, their banks and other lenders cannot help them because their approval process is too slow and burdensome.

This is where Prescient Capital excels. 

We have developed a vetting and approval process that works quickly but thoroughly – and can meet the financial deadlines many of these companies are facing. We can provide these bridge loans at rates that are substantially higher than market rates.

Most importantly, our loans are secured by the income-generating real estate that already exists.

Although returns do vary from year to year, I am proud to say that in over 18 years, no investor has ever lost principal with our funds.

How Bridge Loans Work for You – the Investor

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Get stock-like returns with bond-like security

As an investor, you understand the concept of risk and return.

You know that putting your money into stocks is likely to deliver your best returns, but there’s always a risk of loss.  That’s why many investors will offset their stock investments with bonds and other fixed income products where returns are typically lower but with less risk.

This fund – and all the Prescient Capital funds that preceded it – gives you the best of both.

You get high returns of potentially 10% plus, but your risk is minimized because the bridge loans we write are secured by income-generating real estate.

An Investment that protects you from interest rate volitility

Investors rightly worry about changing interest rates.

As interest rates have risen over the past year, you may be wondering if a sudden decline in interest rates could affect your investment in any way.

The good news is that our loans are all structured with floating adjustable interest rates that are automatically adjusted as the market changes.

We know the "bridge" loan business - inside and out

After 18 years in the bridge loan business, you could say we know this business – this whole industry actually – very well.

Over the years, we have built a strong network of trusted intermediaries (bankers, lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, etc.) who refer potential borrowers to us for their bridge loans.

We have a carefully structured vetting process that receives hundreds of applications every year, but only seriously considers a tiny percentage of all applications. And we only approve 5-10 loans per year.

We have funded 86 projects so far … and we’re still counting

We’re building a reputation as experts in the short-term bridge loan business – with 86 projects under our belt.  Here are just three of them.


Greater St. Louis, MO (O'Fallon)

Goal: The Borrower's goal was to secure a discount on their existing bank loan, the bridge loan needed to close before the end of the year to secure the discount. Their existing bank was being acquired, and the acquiring bank was providing a discount to our Borrower. The quick-close availability of Prescient Capital allowed the Borrower to meet near-term strategic goals.

Loan Request: $8,780,000

Lien Position: 1st Lien

Loan Term: 12 months, with two (2) 6-month extension options.

1st Lien Collateral: 78,124 square foot, 3-story office building

3rd Party Value of 1st Lien Collateral: $11.70 million

Net Worth: $100,000,000+

NOI: $761,702

DSCRL: 0.96

Debt Yield: 8.68%

LTV: 75%

Emporia-KS 6.8M

Emporia, KS

Goal: The strategic goal of the Borrower was to utilize the proceeds of the Prescient Capital loan to pay off a maturing debt to allow time to complete a global refinance on all their properties. The loan request was secured with a 1st lien on the Borrowers' interest in a 4-story, 50-room, 192-bed student housing complex directly across the street from a 6,000 student Division II university campus.

Loan Request: $6,800,000

Lien Position: 1st Lien

Loan Term: 12 months, with two (2) 6-month extension options.

Collateral: 4-story, 50-room, 192-bed student housing complex

Net Worth: $42,112,830

NOI: $582,703

Global DSCR: 2.62x

Debt Yield: 8.57%

LTV: 64%

Chapel Hill, NC

Goal: Prescient Capital secured the $1,750,000 loan with a 1st lien on the Borrower's interest in a 36,207 square foot, two-story office building in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. In addition to the preliminary collateral, valued at $3.4 million, the Borrower brought $750,000 of equity to the closing of the acquisition loan. Borrower signed a personal guarantee to secure the Prescient Capital loan further.

Loan Request: $1,750,000

Lien Position: 1st Lien

Loan Term: 12 months, with two (2) 6-month extension options.

Collateral: 36,207 square foot multi-tenant office

3rd Party Value: $3.4 million

Net Worth: $22,000,000

NOI: $285,685

DSCR: 1.6

Debt Yield: 12%

LTV: 51%

Meet our Team

Steve Young Founding Partner

Steve Young

Founding Partner

Carrie Niese

Carrie Niese


John Griffin

John Griffin

Lead Counsel

Hear from some of our borrowers...

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PCM “rescued” us. They provide a comfortable atmosphere in a fast-moving, high stakes environment, which was very important to us!

They were extraordinarily refreshing and working day in and day out, throughout two holidays included, getting the job done right and in a minimal time frame.

I like that Steve and Dan want to meet the borrower in person and take the time to walk the entire property with the borrower to understand the full scope.

When I met with PCM I felt a level of comfort and trust almost immediately. If there were any problems, I knew they would work with us!

PCM moved very quickly, did what they said they would do; and made quick, logical, and reasonable decisions without delay or hesitation.

I hadn't expected a small private equity firm from Wisconsin to solve my problem, but was pleasantly surprised and to this day I owe my financial well-being to PCM!

We are now accepting new investors

The Prescient Capital Alternative Fixed Income Fund is now open. We invite you to be a part of this exciting opportunity.

Minimum investments are $250,000 (with a four-year commitment), but you are free to invest any amount you want.

Our goal is to raise at least $15 million by September, 2024.

We will personally invest in this fund.

This has been our practice going back to the beginning 18 years ago.

As in the past, we will be personally investing in this fund along with all of you – and further, we plan to be the fund’s largest investor.

So, you know we have a personal stake in the fund’s success.

Can We Talk?

Arrange a Call

If this is an investment you’d like to consider, I’d like to schedule a time to talk. We can arrange a phone call or a Zoom meeting, or if it’s convenient, we can even meet in person.

Please use our “book a call” link to find a convenient time on my calendar.

If you prefer, you can call my office to schedule a meeting. My direct line is 262-308-0661

Make an Informed decision

I’m sure you know but it always bears repeating, having a meeting doesn’t put you under any obligation to invest.

I want you to have all the information you need – and take whatever time you need – before you make an investment decision.

When you’re ready, we’ll be ready.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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