Proven Expedited Bridge Lending Investment Strategies

Prescient Capital Investment Strategy

Founded in 2006, Prescient Capital is a specialty finance company providing short-term bridge loans collateralized by commercial real estate or other quick-sale collateral. Prescient Capital has a long track record of originating, funding, servicing, and exiting private loan transactions to commercial real estate owners.

Prescient Capital specifically focuses on timing situations and typically invests at or near the top of the capital structure to focus on the preservation of capital. Prescient Capital works with select intermediaries around the country. Relationships with our intermediary network around the country continue to bring prospective opportunities to Prescient Capital because of:

  1.  Rapid decision making and swift transaction closing
  2.  Certainty of closing
  3.  Privacy of credit information
  4.  Flexibility allowing creative solutions within the scope of Prescient Capital’s   underwriting criteria
  5.  Experienced professional management to analyze, structure, and close the transaction

Prescient Capital selectively structures term loans with a primary focus on commercial real estate and will consider loans on assets whose quick-sale value is clearly identifiable. The Prescient Capital underwriting process is divided into two distinct, sequential stages. Each stage accomplishes a goal and makes use of a set of tools to communicate required information back and forth between Prescient Capital and the loan committee.

Bridge Loans

Prescient Capital offers short-term bridge financing collateralized by commercial real estate or other quick-sale collateral. 


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