Lending Parameters

Bridge Lending Parameters

Intermediaries from around the country bring prospective credit opportunities to Prescient Capital because of the rapid decision making, certainty of closing, privacy of credit information, and flexibility allowing creative solutions within the scope of the Fund's underwriting criteria. 

Fund Characteristics
Fund$100 Million
Loan Size$2-$15 Million
Lien Position1st Lien Position
LocationAny U.S. metropolitan market; sales comparable info will be important in the underwriting
Loan-to-Value (LTV)Not to exceed 75%
Term12-24 months
ExitClearly defined exit strategy
PricingTerms and pricing for individual deals are based on leverage, debt service coverage, asset quality and sponsorship.
PLEASE NOTE1. We are open to special situations as long as an obligor's issue(s) are in the rear view mirror.
2. We DO NOT collect upfront fees - all fees are paid to third parties to close the loan.
3. Flat organization structure - you are speaking with the decision maker(s). We will make the decision to be on the ground visiting the property the next day in order to expedite the Commitment Letter to you and your client.
4. Founded in 2006 - We Are Proven!
Property Type - Owner Occupied
Golf Course
Self Storage
Specialty Use Facility
Property Type - Investment Real Estate
Assisted Living
Mobile Home Parks
Senior Care Facilities

Do you have a client with a loan request that meets the following criteria?

  • Loan $2 to $15 million
  • Collateral is cash flowing, commercial real estate (DSCR > 1.0)
  • Has debt yield (NOI / Loan Amount) greater than 8%
  • Must close in 10 to 20 business days
  • Does not exceed 75% LTV

Please click below to fill out our easy and concise online Loan Request form to determine if we can move forward. We will respond the same day of your submission. If you prefer, we would be happy to complete the template over the phone at 888-593-4440 ext. 3.

Our Borrowers & Intermediaries

Many of the Prescient Capital intermediary relationships were established in the mid-1990's. Bank executives were the first intermediaries introducing Prescient Capital to quick-close loan opportunities and then mortgage bankers, lawyers, and accountants introduced us to their clients. 

Key Points In Review

  • These intermediaries introduce Prescient Capital to the loans that provide the returns to Prescient Capital investors.
  • Our intermediaries introduce us to borrowers that have a substantial amount of money to gain or to lose if they don't get a commercial loan closed quickly (e.g. 10 to 20 business days).
  • The borrower is thankful of our professional approach and our ability to meet their funding deadline. 
  • Our intermediaries know from experience that introducing Prescient Capital to their clients will reflect well on them. A simple committed approach to meeting deadlines and working directly with decision-makers helps Prescient Capital lead the industry on response time for loan requests. 

Let's Work Together

We look forward to you contacting us and sharing information about your situation.