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DELAFIELD, Wis. August 27, 2020 — Prescient Capital Management, a boutique private equity firm that focuses on cash-flowing commercial real estate bridge loan opportunities, announces a strategic partnership with Huddle, a recognized leader in document collaboration and client engagement portals.


Using Huddle, clients and their Advisors are now able to benefit from a shared environment where stakeholders can track progress, access key documents, and securely collaborate – enabling Prescient to transform how it engages with its investors. Both Prescient and its stakeholders can easily work-on files together, automatically manage revisions, consolidate feedback, and even manage tasks and approvals, all in one secure space.


“The portal will ensure you and your Advisor never miss important updates and have access to the latest documents,” commented Steve Young, Managing Partner, and founder of Prescient Capital. “If you are working with an Advisor (e.g., investment or accounting professional), then the new portal will allow them access, and you can grant the permissions and manage access rights.”


Clients and their Advisors will also benefit from Huddle’s audit trail, with all activity in the Workspace being time-stamped and recorded to help adhere to strict governance and compliance standards. Prescient Capital can also use this feature to manage access to confidential information.


Another feature, which will be beneficial, is Huddle’s File Request feature. Replacing the need to request individual files over email manually, this enables a user to generate a request of up to 500 records at a time. Assignees are automatically notified and can securely upload the requested information directly into Huddle.


Young continued, “We plan our business to perform in all markets and tools like Huddle allow us to securely communicate our performance with our clients, while also increasing confidence to users who want to work quickly without compromising security.”

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